A lot of people think that roulette is a game of luck and there is no way for you to increase your roulette payouts. But, the fact of the matter is, that you can. Here are a few simple tips to help you increase your roulette payout:


Always use free roulette systems. The free tips you find online are more than enough to guide you in the right direction. Merchants who ask for money to sell you their system are usually trying to scam you. Just think about it, if they had such a good system, would they really need to charge you for it?

How to bet

Only bet on outside chances. This means betting on columns, dozens, odd/even, or red/black. This is crucial when trying to formulate a winning system. It is very easy to implement, and even though the rewards are quite marginal, you’ll always win.


You should always look at the last few results on the roulette table. Whether you are playing online or at land-based casinos, you will get to see some of the previous numbers that popped up on the table. These can help gamblers make predictions. For example, if you see ten black numbers popping up in a row, it only makes sense that you bet on red.

Try out your systems on a free table before you try it out for real money. Practising your system will help you get rid of all the kinks, and make sure it is working before you go forward and start spending real money on it.

When you start winning, don’t get more adventurous with your bets. In fact, you need to reserve your winnings. This is one of the fundamentals of playing roulette. If you don’t save your winnings, you are never going to come out with more money than you went in with.