The last thing that anyone would want for their new business is to find out that they aren’t conforming to all permits and license requirements for their building. If you don’t follow all the city of Winnipeg permits, there is a very strong chance that your building and business will be shut down before you get a chance to thrive. This is not something you would want, right?


Business permits and licenses are issued by various forms of government including local, state, and federal. Depending on the type of business you want to run, you might need to get licenses at various levels. If you aren’t sure what kind of city of Winnipeg permits your new business needs, then it is always best to check up with the local authorities instead of simply trying to wing it. This is a recipe for disaster, to say the least. Here are some licenses you may have to get:

Business license

These are basic licenses which are required to legally operate a business. There is an annual fee which must be paid as well. Applications must also be filed with the city if it is within city limits.

Federal Employer Identification Number

This is also called the tax identification number. It is required for every type of business. Depending on where it is located, you might also require a similar number from the state.

Health department permit

If the business involves food in any way, you will need a permit from the health department too.

Fire department permit

If your business attracts a large crowd, a fire permit is essential as well.

Sales tax license

This license is the most important of all and is needed if you are going to be selling any product or offering any service in the state.